What does your membership include? 


  • Coaching: Think of it like an education, you learn from world class coaches and will have this knowledge with you forever.

  • Nutrition: This is huge,  we are the only gym in the area that includes nutrition coaching as part of the membership. We run challenges several times per year and if you need we can talk 1-on-1 about your specific needs and goals. 

  • Community: We have built a supportive community of like minded people. We have events, parties, outings throughout the year. 

Specialty Programs: Our classes are universally scaleable for any level and designed for overall fitness. We do have specialty classes and programs if you have specific goals. These include: Olympic lifting, Strength specific programs, after class corework, upper body strength, endurance programs, plus many other workshops throughout the year. 

Fun, unique workouts: We take pride in thinking outside the box. If your workouts are boring it is hard to stay motivated. We change it up and add fun things you will not see anywhere else.

  • per Month
  • per Month
  • per Month

One-time Drop In

$15 or Buy a t-shirt.

(For visitors with CF experience only)

Personal Training

Contact for rates


Optional On-boarding

Two 1-on-1 sessions - $75

Active Military - First Responder - LEO - Family

All Access

10% OFF